The smell of a morning coffee usually brings us up to speed with reality. But ONLY a nicely brewed blend lets us capture a moment of peace. Overstatement? With the Coffee Project, Bewleys Ireland proves coffee is more than your average 3-in-1 instant fix. On Wednesday, a bunch of lucky gals had the chance to taste pure flavours of Uganda, Columbia and Brazil. Our evening kicked off with iced coffee cocktails on arrival, a tasty teaser of more to come. Soon we met Paul O’Toole, Bewley’s Master Roaster who introduced us to the mysterious world of coffee cupping. From slurping to sipping, the cafe in South Great George’s St filled up with hilarious sounds and a constant giggle. We learnt how nature and man craft the uniqueness and rich body of each blend.

To keep our porcelain cups full, Lynn introduced the tasters to the Coffee Project. The idea is simple. Every month Bewley’s brings us on a trip to a different coffee plantation. #GoSomewhereNew is about discovering new places and richness of remarkable coffees that wouldn’t normally be found in Dublin. And all of that from your front porch.

Become part of it by subscribing for €9.09 a month. Your first surprise box will include a handy brew guide and a membership card promising exclusive deals and discounts. Every new parcel will charm you with exciting new flavours. Not to mention, the box itself is eye-candy; beautifully designed by Conor and Dave – a boutique studio in the heart of Dublin.

Buzzing with excitement and amount of coffee, we left Bewley’s Cafe thirsty for new cupping adventures. If you fancy joining us, visit Bewley’s Coffee Project to start your journey.

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