Coffee Houses in Galway

When you become a coffee addict, a good cup of joe is a must. A flight home, a holiday trip, or a stroll into a new part of town becomes a mini-challenge. The only way to unlock this achievement is to find a spot where I can tuck away my caffeinated ego in a blanket of flavour and smoothness. And my recent visit to Galway wasn’t any different.

I had a look around, followed by a few tweets sent here and there. As my merry troupe would stick to the city centre, I mainly focused on the areas of Eyre Square and High Street. Finally, I added two places to my sightseeing trail: Badger and Dodo and Coffeewerk + Press.

Bagder and Dodo
This speciality coffee shop on Fairgreen Road is just a few steps away from the coach and railway station. If you are ever lost, Badger and Dodo is close to Loam Restaurant.

I really wanted to visit this first Badger and Dodo Cafe. Since my first visit to their Dublin coffee house on Francis Street, I knew my Galway tour wouldn’t be completed without a cuppa from ‘the source’. The entrance is guarded by a huge orange tree – the Badger and Dodo signature.

The space is small but very cosy and bright. Thanks to huge glass windows, the shop soaks up natural light.

On a foodie note, their sambo menu is on point. We ordered Reuben sandwiches, which were beautifully served on wooden boards. They were enormous, which means a lot of fuel for walking and photo taking. The crown jewel: coffee. The flavour was tangy yet pleasantly sharp. Paired with perfectly steamed milk and wrapped in smoothness, it was a perfect later morning boost. My companion got a Chemex filter coffee. It was fruity and delicately sweet, a like a warm hug in a cup.

Coffeewerk + Press
Located in Quay Street, Coffeewerk + Press is a one stylish coffee house. This three-storey building houses a cafe and art & design gallery, which reminds me of Tamp and Stitch and Indigo and Cloth in Temple Bar.

The team always keeps coffeeholics on their toes with a wide variety of coffee roasters, including Coffee Collective, The Barn or Drop Coffee Roasters. Each cup can be served in the company of delish bakes. Plus, I love their amazing cups. They are absolutely gorgeous.

I can’t wait to come back to Galway for another coffee fix from Badger and Dodo and Coffeewerk +Press, and to discover new cafes of Ireland’s west coast.

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