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Coppa Café

Coppa Café combines two things I love: art and coffee. I was planning to drop by the café for a while now and finally the opportunity presented itself. The perfect scenario: a day-off, the Irish summer in full bloom, and new coffee houses to explore. So I took a walk around Stephen’s Green Park and I successfully ended up in Ely Place, set and ready to grab a cup of joe.

Neatly nesting on the ground floor of the RHA, the spot thrives as a truly foodie must-visit. On my first visit I stepped into a sunny space. Thanks to the glass front wall and the high ceiling, the space bathed in the sunshine. The pillar stones are scattered around the space. Wonderful trinkets, plants, and art pieces accentuate cheerfulness of the room.

Two rows of tables lead to the serving counter, fully stocked with freshly made salads. Jars and metal cans are stocked at the back, proudly overlooking the bustling café. I could hear clinking glass and cutlery overlapping with laughter and chatter. I spotted the vintage metal chest on the left – a great cupboard, a bit industrial and old-school. I moved forward to meet Jess, the café manager. The gang was busy cooking up delicious nosh whose aroma was filling up the air. It was difficult to focus – so much of mouth-watering pastries and savory grub.

It was coffee o’clock, for sure. Jess saved the day with a flat white. Powered by Badger and Dodo beans, the coffee was delicately piquant, with a creamy texture and a perfect tulip to wrap up the full package. I grabbed a table and took my time – delicious. It was time to move. I waved goodbye to Jess and the whole team. I stepped outside. A few small groups enjoyed their lunch in the sun, recharging the batteries before coming back to the office.

I will definitely be back for more treats and to check out the RHA’s latest exhibition.

Opening Hours:
Monday-Tuesday: 8am – 5pm
Wednesday: 8am – 8pm (free nibbles with homemade pestos from 5-8pm)
Thursday-Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

Address: RHA Gallery,15 Ely Place

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