Ernesto’s Cafe
  • Ernesto's Cafe Dublin
  • Ernesto's Cafe Dublin
  • Ernesto's Cafe Dublin
  • Ernesto's Cafe Dublin
Ernesto’s Cafe

Ernesto’s Cafe is about good food and company. I love the atmosphere of this place: cheery, homely and maybe with hints of Cuban or Italian flavours. As if soaked in cheerfulness, Ernesto’s Cafe is a perfect Monday blues remedy. Owner Jonathan knows how to create space full of genuine warmth.

The cafe oozes with colours. The brick style wallpaper is infused with various shades of light and dark red that crash against wood tabletops dotted across the room. Potted plants mix with prints and photos decorating Ernesto’s walls and shelves.

The food counter is a real eye candy. From mini fruit tarts to meaty sambos to airy pink meringues, you are bound to end up with a plateful of Ernesto’s goodness. I got a strawberry tart with fresh creme. Delicious!

I grabbed my coffee and nested in a chair. Beans came from Silverskin Coffee and Bailies. Nicely brewed and served, the coffee was just right: strong yet sweet, wrapped up in silky milk. Oh, this caffeine rush poked my imagination! I can almost see a secret passage with some underground cable car delivery system or a high-tech drone dropping a weekly supply of coffee each Monday. I admit, it doesn’t make sense but looks great nonetheless in my head – things happen when you let your mind wander over a cup of joe…

I should visit this foodie gem more often. With upcoming sunless days, we should all stock up with vitamin Ernesto’s.

Opening Hours
Monday– Friday: 7am- 6pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9.30am – 5pm

15 Rathgar Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6

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