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Fonté Café Bar
Fonté Café Bar is a little spot in Parliament Street. Opening its doors in January 2017, the café treats Dublin coffee lovers to both single origins and blends roasted in Seattle. Although the Parliament Street café is pretty new to the Irish coffee scene, Fonte Coffee ain’t a noob. The US-based roastery has been serving a cup of java for over two decades. That equals a considerable amount of coffee cups, according to my mathematical skills.

I love the look of Fonté Café Bar. The team shaped two contrasting spaces within one café. First, you step into a zone of classic colour dualism. White and grey-blue mix with each other, creating a simple yet intimate interior. Dark wood furniture tables and bar table contrast nicely with the polished concrete counter. Metallic accents are peppered around the room, adding a cool dazzling twinkle. I love the mosaic tile flooring that stretches across the whole café, its honeycomb pattern complementing the well-balanced look. The dark colour palette accentuates Fonté’s coffee and tea packages with their golden and white hues. It does make them pop. Keep walking, and you discover a gem: a mini garden infused in shades of earthy brown. It’s warm and whimsical. This pocket of greenery offers coffeeholics a great chill zone. Plus, the café are dog-friendly so bring your four-legged companion along.

I usually grab a flat white. There are always two coffee options available, plus cold and nitro brew during summer. Slightly stronger, with a bit tangy flavour, their milk-based coffee has this enjoyable ‘zing’ factor. Fonte’s cold brew definitely kicks!

Fonté Café Bar’s foodie options include sweet and savoury treats so you should definitely check them out. From Avocado on Toast to healthy snack boxes, you will be spoilt for choice.

Opening Hours
Monday -Wednesday: 8am – 6pm
Thursday – Friday: 7.30am -6pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

36 Parliament Street, Dublin 2


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