Fumbally Cafe
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Fumbally Cafe

Fumbally Cafe opened its door in 2012 in Fumbally Lane. Packed with vintage furniture, books and lamps, this quirky spot unwaveringly garners food lovers and coffeeholics from all over Dublin. Foodies can have a peek into the open kitchen, always full of herbs and spices. The air fills with a wonderful fragrance of nosh, freshly cooked, baked and seasoned to our stomach’s delight. As a coffee addict, I focused my gaze on the coffee station. I grabbed my wooden block with my table number and looked for a table. A few seconds later I happily sunk into an armchair. I glanced at books and magazines, happily living on the bookshelves nearby. My coffee arrived in no time. I had gone for a latte, which was served delicately sweet and creamy. This perfection in cup was made by Ger O’Donohoe, a wonderful mastermind behind First Draft Coffee. The group brings coffee classes to all coffee afficionados and sippers that want to learn how to master making a sublime cup of joe. I stretched my legs and soaked up the sun pouring into the cafe through its large window.The room was buzzing with a great ambiance, happy people and amazing food. It was hard to stop my eyes wandering around the room as each corner was full of delightful bric a brac. I would definitely be back for seconds.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday—Friday: 8am—5pm
Wednesday Dinners: 7am -9.30pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday – Monday: Closed
(kitchen closes at 4pm)

Address: Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8

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