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Nick’s Coffee

Every time my legs take me to Ranalegh, I always visit Nick’s Coffee. Its colourful and sort of rugged look reminds me of a quirky pop-up green pocket. The café is sprinkled with fairy lights and potted plants, which creates that garden-style vibe. I have a feeling the café is big on shared spaces: a wood bar, farmlike-style table, patches of chairs dotted across the space. The big green canopy shelters the front of the caffeinated garden; the back is safely hidden by the lane ceiling. The café transforms this otherwise ordinary urban space into something special. It radiates the summery glow and chill, regardless of Mother Nature’s mood swings.

During my first proper visit, which involves an actual sit-in and countless photos of a single coffee, – don’t judge me – I could feel the love the cafe has for both coffee and the Ranalegh community. This coffee house embraces the communal spirit completely. It is all about giving back and paying forward. On a sunny day the gang is happy to take a coffee machine outside to teach caffeinate lovers how to make a good cup. Did you know they offer free coffee to our seniors aged 65 and over? It is really amazing to hear that. Plus, with arty sessions, poems on display, and music, this coffee hut buzzes with great energy.

I spoke to owner Nick about coffee. The coffee served is his own unique blend, roasted in Belfast. This means he looks after every single aspect of what ends up in your cup. I grabbed a flat white. The taste was nicely tangy – definitely a good brew to invigorate my brain. For my tea-loving friends, Nick has got a selection of Loose Leaf teas to keep them happy, accompanied by scrumptious pastries.

It is a great spot to simply chill on Saturday’s afternoons. No rush, no hustle. Just you and coffee under the green canopy.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 7am – 9pm
Sunday: 7.30am – 9pm

Address: 20 Ranelagh, Dublin 6

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