Urbanity Coffee
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Urbanity Coffee

As long as I remember the Glass House in Smithfield stood empty, quietly housing sporadic exhibitions or heaps of recycling bags. All that changed when Urbanity Coffee moved in. This mini-roastery and coffee house combines great food and speciality coffee roasted to perfection.

As soon as I turn into Coke Lane, I can see the neon sign winking at me. A few more steps and I enter the space. Clad in soothing white, Urbanity is all about minimalist and bucolic décor. The menu is smartly displayed on the black titles behind the counter. Bright wood furniture warms up the room of the snowy brick walls and glass. I especially love the large mixed wood table, perfect for a group meet-up or a studying spree. Comfy chairs coupled with intimate tables are there for anyone to catch up on their ‘me-time’. If you walk in further, you will face the heart of the café: a roaster surrounded by coffee bags soon to be my caffeinated fixes. During my first visit co-owner Jason let me in on one of the coffee roasting sessions. Watching beans being stirred in the cooling tray was relaxing yet exciting at the same time. The mere thought that I would be able to taste the sweetness and fruitiness of those same Brazilian beans in a cup was truly electrifying.

My flat white never disappoints. The gang captures the essence of the bean in each and every cup. The texture is on point, velvety and smooth. The coffee is alive, teasing my taste buds. From some relaxed tones to the tingling vibrancy, a cup of joe is always full of surprises. Beautiful. Foodies should also stop by as the café boasts a delightful array of culinary treats, passionately prepared in the in-house kitchen and bakery. My choice was a cinnamon roll, moist and buttery in a rich cinnamon sugar coating.

It’s a lovely unique spot. Slightly off the beaten track, hidden in a glass tower, Urbanity Coffee need to be discovered and rediscovered again and again to enrich your sipping experience.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Address: The Glass House, 11 Coke Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 7

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