Guest Coffees in Dublin - June Edition
Craving some new coffee flavours? Don’t fret, I’ve got you covered. Thanks to the uber-caffeinated Dublin café scene , we are definitely spoilt for choice. Many coffee houses introduce guest coffees to diversify the profile they have to offer in a cup of Joe.

Here are my top 3 coffee guest picks to try this month.

Los Mangos, Natural, 3fe (Sussex Terrace)
I had a chance to try this coffee during a Los Mangos Coffee Tasting. I can describe it in one way only: fabulous. The strawberry notes are very distinctive. Just grab your V60 or Chemex and get brewing – and  make sure to let the coffee cool down a bit to release that strawberry zing.

The Collective Coffee Espresso 1, Joe’s Coffee
This blend of Kenyan and Columbian is definitely great for espresso, and milk-based coffees. It is very aromatic and juicy. As I am not a great espresso drinker, I would opt in for a flat white or latte as the natural sweetness of the milk will complement the almond notes.


Audun Coffee, Pulped Natural, Legit Coffee Co
Fazenda Rainha is a filter roast from Brasil. It is very light, chocolatey, with sweet fruity hints – a nice companion to a brownie in my book for sure. Try it out with a French press or Aeropress.

I am always on the lookout for some new beans and micro-roasters. Have you discovered any tasty coffee beans recently? Let me know in the comments.

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