World of Coffee took over Dublin’s foodie scene in a way our cool cousin dominates the family’s diary. They drop by with a bang, drown us in countless wowzers and OMGs, and leave our minds happily overloaded with information and facts.

My Saturday with World of Coffee was focused on one thing and one thing only: #WOCDublin16. As soon as I arrived, I hit the reception to collect my press pass. I grabbed that golden ticket tightly and floated towards the entrance. What a rush! The space was loaded with roasters, farmers, metallic machines, every-day gadgets and novelty pieces. From water filters to coffee drones to customised tampers, the RDS turned into a real treasure trove of all things coffee. Whatever you wanted, you could probably find it there.

Though the tech-related aspect of the festival was really mind-blowing, what truly amazed me was the attendees. The event was powered by the hearts and minds of coffee connoisseurs and magicians who brought their expertise and passion to the Emerald Island, that loveable home of Guinness and rainbows.

From mini-roasteries to big players, visitors could enjoy treats from La Cabra, Matthew Algie, The Barn, Java Republic, Bewley’s or Sasha House Petite. You could discover new projects such Algrano, the Facebook-like platforms linking farmers directly with buyers. It offers shoppers an exclusive insight into the farmers’ life and work, with pics, updates and news from the 200 plus plantations. And that was just one of many cool booths to visit and people to meet! I was super lucky to catch up with Radek Nozicka, one of the masterminds behind the European Coffee Trip, a journey across the specialty coffee scene in Europe. Make sure to check them out!

A wink and 5 cups later, I realized it was 5 pm and the event was about finish. I took one last wistful look and stepped outside, bidding farewell to World of Coffee. I saw, I came and I drunk a ridiculously ginormous volume of coffee. It was time for a nap before welcoming another day with a cup of joe.

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